Talons Hunger Games, Part 3 – Chelsea/Sean

Ok, so if you’re reading Part 3 then not only are you awesome, but you probably realise that this contains blood and death and violence. Not a lot mind you, I’m not morbid, but it’s The Hunger Games, so there is some. Also, I don’t own this. I mean, I can’t legally own any of these people, nor do I own the story. That belongs to Suzanne Collins . Anyway, I hope you … enjoy. For lack of a better word. 

“What was that?” Chelsea glanced up, dropping the berries she had been collecting for the last 10 minutes.

“Chelsea, you dropped the berries. And it’s almost night time; we need to get high up.” Sean leaned down and began to help Chelsea picking up the berries. Chelsea sighed. She hated being here. She probably would have ended up dying if it hadn’t been for Sean grabbing her hand and herding her away from the Cornucopia. She still had no idea why, but he did and that was that.

Chelsea climbed up the tree, searching for a place to stay. Sean climbed close behind, trying not to look down. He didn’t know why he had saved Chelsea, but he had. Shaking his head, Sean called up to Chelsea that he had found a branch. Swinging sideways, Sean landed on the branch and pressed himself against the trunk, closing his eyes and listening for any noises. Instead, the anthem played and Sean blinked and looked up at the darkened sky.

Chelsea shivered, studying the faces of the people who had died. Tyler, Emily, Galen, Leanne, Kim, Toren, Duncan. Chelsea closed her eyes, feeling suddenly overwhelmed by the realization that one of her best friends in the world, Leanne, was dead. Tears began to run down her face, so much so that she almost didn’t even hear the crack of branches or the shift of leaves. Whipping her head around, Chelsea clenched her hands into fists and scanned the area. With a sudden movement, Sean landed on the branch beside Chelsea.

“I saw Leanne.” He murmured. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s not like you were the one who killed her.” Chelsea replied.

“Yeah, but I’m still sorry.”

Chelsea nodded, feeling blank inside remembering Leanne. All the times they had hung out together, laughed together, everything.

“Stay here. Please.” Chelsea  blinked, gripping Sean’s arm in a tight grip.

“Of course.” He replied, and sat down on the branch, looking out over the treetops. “Why don’t you sleep. I’ll take first watch.”

Chelsea nodded dully and closed her eyes, wishing for the days before she had to worry. Before death was a promise and not something you shoved to the back of your mind and forgot about. Before Leanne died.

Morning came with Sean shaking Chelsea awake, gently. She blinked a few times, trying to remember what was happening. When it hit her, she just wanted to close her eyes and sleep again. Maybe forever. But Sean wouldn’t let her. He had packed up all their stuff and stuck it inside the bag and was now just waiting for Chelsea.

She climbed down the tree and began to walk alongside Sean, wondering if maybe, just maybe, she could find Immy. And then, they could band together and convince the others to stop the death. To stop the killing and the hate.

They continued walking and before she knew it, Chelsea and Sean found themselves in the maze of ancient ruins, far beyond the forest they had slept in the night before.

“Let’s look around. There wasn’t any water in the forest. They must have some here.” Sean coaxed Chelsea forward, and she was just about to begin walking again before an arm wrapped itself around her and yanked her backwards. Screaming, she crashed to the ground and tried to leap up and see what was going on before Sean’s face clouded her vision looking visibly shaken.

“Oh my God, Chels. I’m sorry, but look at what you were about to walk into.” Chelsea sat up and looked forward, fascinated to see a large pool of what looked like lava. Beyond it was a second pool filled with a smoking liquid that reminded Chelsea of liquid nitrogen and a third that appeared to be liquid metal.

“Gamemakers.” Sean hissed through his teeth, glaring at the pools, shaking his head.

Chelsea thought it was rather ingenious, but she didn’t say so. Instead she stood up and looked around.

“I think … I think I hear water, Sean.” She blinked, turning to her companion with surprise.

“It’s just the-“

“No, listen. It’s all echoey and … water-y.”

Sean frowned then shrugged. “It’s not as if there’ll just be a random pool there, the arena is a lot more random than that.”

Instead of listening, Chelsea took Sean’s hand and began leading him through the maze, all the while listening carefully. Just as she was beginning to lose hope in herself and the entire idea of ever surviving, she turned a corner and found a huge room with an enormous pool right in the centre.  Chelsea turned to Sean in glee and was just about to run in when the look crossed his face again and he grabbed her and pulled her back behind a large slab of rock. Seconds later, a figure went running forward.

“Immy!” Chelsea cried out. Sean clamped his hand over her mouth, but Immy had heard her.

“Chelsea? Chels, where are you?” Immy whipped around and for a second their eyes met, and Immy’s face lit up with recognition before it froze and Immy fell forward, an arrow stuck in her body, blood beginning to drip from it. Jonny stepped forward and pulled the deadly weapon from Immy’s lifeless body. He unscrewed the cap form a bottle and poured its contents all over the arrow.

“Water!” Sean hissed. “It must be clean if he has it in a bottle! If only we could get in there!” But Chelsea wasn’t listening. She had just watched one of her best friends die. Right before her eyes. Sean seemed to realise, and he was about to console her when Jonny’s head turned and looked directly at them.

“RUN, CHELSEA.” Sean commanded, and she leapt up and began to run. Together, they shot forward, both trying to find somewhere to hide.

“UP THAT WALL. HE’S GAINING, QUICKLY.” Sean ran forward and flung himself at the wall, Chelsea following behind in quick pursuit. Together, they climbed up and tried to run away, only to realise that they were trapped on the roof. On one side was Jonny, clasping a knife in his teeth and beginning to heave himself up the side of the wall and on the other side…

“ The lava.” Sean turned to Chelsea, wide-eyed and gripping her hand with such ferocity that little red marks appeared.

“Sean, you can fight. I know you can. I, on the other hand, learned that two of my best friends just died. One, right before my eyes by the boy who’s coming to kill me as well.” Chelsea let go of Sean’s hand calmly, turned and walked towards the edge of the building. Just as she was about to jump over, a hand grabbed her own and she turned.

“We both jump.” Sean corrected. Chelsea nodded very slightly and turned forward.

“One … Two … Three.”

Seconds later, two cannons exploded, and 12 remained.

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