Talons Hunger Games, Part 5 (FINAL POST!) – Derek

Ok, so. blood, violence, death, graphicness, I own none of it, it all belongs to Suzanne Collins.

Also: Sorry it’s so short, I wrote it in a ten minute bout of excitement over the last part and the very end I had already written about a week ago, not to mention the fact that I was worried people would go guessing who won.

Oh, and finally (If you want, you can skip this part), I just want to say thanks to the Talons for being okay with me killing them. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Derek clutched at Bronwyn’s hair, his mind foggy, driven by the single need to win. Mercilessly, he lowered his arm down and dunked Bronwyn straight in the liquid nitrogen, muting her screams. Raising her up, he noted how she had been frozen perfectly.

How beautiful, Derek thought as he raised his badminton racquet up and threw Bronwyn’s frozen body into the air. With a yell, he swung the racquet and tried not to flinch as it broke through the body. He watched, spellbound as little chips of ice fell around him. He turned around and began walking, leaving behind the racquet, searching for his last enemy. Jen.

It was nighttime and Derek still hunted through the arena, calling for Jen to come and get him. He knew the Gamemakers would probably try to drive them together, but there had been so many deaths in so little time that any viewers would probably be satiated for another day or so. Still, Derek continued on, challenging Jen to come out and fight. He knew she had killed people, but so had he. Both were merciless and both wanted to win. He no longer cared about his family, and just spent his time wondering how he’d kill Jen.

Death had become an obsession. It was everything he thought of, everything he knew. He was a cold-blooded murderer, content to search and destroy until he won.

And Jen felt the same.

Their showdown began at sunrise, when Derek circled back to the Cornucopia, searching for Jen still. Both tributes were dazed, tired and wanting everything to end. But they would fight. They would fight to the end.

Derek drew his sword, raising it in front of him. He began to circle, with Jen doing the same. They paced like that for one, two, three circles until Derek’s mind became so overpowered by the desire to kill that he lunged. Jen was expecting this, and she deflected quickly, returning with a slash to the arm. The two of them slashed and defended and stabbed so much that by the end, blood flowed freely from both bodies and fatigue was setting in. Derek saw his chance as Jen slashed diagonally, her arm momentarily poised upwards. He lunged towards her, feeling his sword hit her in the chest, watching the life drain from her eyes. She fell back, his sword still embedded in her.

Derek lay on the ground, blood spilling from his body, Jen’s lifeless body on the ground just metres away from him. He tried to stand, but more blood just gushed from him. When would that helicopter come? He was dying for God’s sake. You’d think they could come faster for a winner.

But … was he a winner? Was there another tribute out there, sitting up in a tree, eating something and healthy? Not dying? He groaned, wanting to roll over but being unable to.

“You know, I was injured like you. But I got some parachutes and healed myself. Pity that you won’t have time for sponsors to help you.”

Derek knew that voice. Who was that? It was definitely a girl, but WHO?

“Did you know the sponsors love me? They realised what I was doing and sent me a voice scrambler. I could make my voice…”

The sound deepened and Derek recognized another sound. His own voice.

“Sound like anybody else’s.”

There was a soft clump and Derek saw a shadow fill his sight. He looked up and sucked in his breath, realising who it was.


She leaned down, her face obscuring his vision.

“Want to know how I survived, Derek?” She smiled, her voice turning back to her own, taunting him, the sound of it so pretty and soft. But underneath it, he knew just what she was capable of. Or did he?

She lowered her head down beside his ear and began whispering to him.

“By killing.” She giggled, her laugh sounding both musical and murderous at the same time.

“You actually thought you were going crazy, didn’t you? I decided to keep you around for a while. Nobody thought I could kill, so if I made you go insane and then killed people, you’d think you did it. So, honey, murderer? Don’t think so. Crazy? Just a little bit.”

“But … but cornucopia…”

Emlyn laughed again, shaking her head.

“You killed all those stupid people at the cornucopia. Katie, Galen, whoever. But after that you realised what you had done and…”

Emlyn gestured beside her head, indicating Derek was crazy.

“Bronwyn… Jen…?”

“Ugh, you won’t let it go, will you? I showed you the bodies, idiot. Then you went and made up your own little story about how you went and killed people. You turned yourself into a bigshot, too. It was rather interesting to watch.” Emlyn blinked at him and shrugged thoughtfully. “But, alas, all things must end.”

Derek lay on the ground, vision obscured yet again by her face, just taunting him. He hadn’t killed Jen or Galen? Just the people at the Cornucopia. He … wasn’t as much of a murderer…

As if she had heard his thoughts, Emlyn grinned.

“Nope. You, I believe, killed only those idiots in the cornucopia. Isn’t that strange?”

Derek closed his eyes and opened his mouth, trying to think of some kind of meaningful last words, but the only thing he could think to say was,

“Say hi to my family for me, Emlyn. Make sure they know I love them. Make sure they know I did it for them.”

With a smile, Emlyn bowed her head, unsheathed her knife and swiped it across Derek’s throat.

And the First Annual Talons Hunger Games came to a close.

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