The Bus Joes – Julie

The Bus Joes

The bus is great for many reasons: eco-friendly transportation, efficiency and convenience. However there are many things I seem to notice about the bus. Things that I don’t think other people notice. These things happen to be people.For some reason I gain this odd satisfaction or clarity over being aware of the people around me.

1.       Joes in love

All they do is giggle, smile and talk to each other very loudly. I notice two things about these Joes you see on the bus. 1st for some reason these Joes always look too attractive to be on a bus. 2nd these Joes have extremely awful pet names for one another which they boast proudly. Often I find that these names don’t even make sense like “Biggle-Boo Brown Pancake.” How do you even acquire that knick-name?

2.       Nosey Joe

This Joe is the person who will not stop talking. Nosey Joe talks about the weather, his destination, his family or even how nosey other people are on the bus. I always respond to be polite. It’s not that bad, until Joe starts getting a little too personal. He starts asking about me. Nosey Joe asks me how old I am, where I live, where I’m going. I start to think… “Should I be scared?” I eventually stop talking… but Joe never does. It may be an uncomfortable seat but at least it’s not next to Nose-Picking-Joe.

3.       Alone Joe

Alone Joe just makes you feel sad. All he does is look out the window and look as if the world around him is surrounded in a sort of melancholy loneliness. I always feel the need to talk to this Joe but he looks awfully busy, conversing with the space in front of his eyes.

4.       Breakfast Joe

I often take the bus in the morning. I must admit I’m not the timeliest person in the morning when getting ready. At least I’m not one to make the back of the bus into a breakfast bistro. It would surprise you how many people I see in PJ’s just casually drinking their OJ and pancakes. It’s quite hilarious. I assume Breakfast Joe knows Nosey Joe along with Bus Driver Joe.

5.       Awkward Joe

This Joe is awkward. He’s the type Joe looks at his phone even though it’s off. It’s painful to watch. Awkward Joe either looks at the floor or at his hands sheepishly exchanging glances in between. Awkward Joe does anything to look busy to avoid human interaction.

From what is written here many of you probably assume I hate the bus and because of the Joes within it. Actually, I love the bus because of these Joes. These Joes they make me laugh because one time or another we are a Joe, we love a Joe and sometimes we seek a Joe. It’s nice to see we’re not the only Joe. Joes make the bus (and the world) a wonderful place.


  1. I love this post – it’s a great example of perspective/point of view. Like you wrote, “we are a Joe”, and which one might depend on how comfortable we are in whatever particular space we’re in at the time.

    This is a good reminder to take a look around from time to time. Who knows what other Joe’s we might be missing?

  2. I love this post’s sharp observations, all framed in the personality and humour that shines through in your descriptions. But also, I appreciate the simple realization “these Joes” bring you (and your reader): “…one time or another we are a Joe, we love a Joe and sometimes we seek a Joe. It’s nice to see we’re not the only Joe.”

    A universal truth, delivered in your own words: stellar writing.

  3. A post that Katie (Talons peer tutor this year) wrote during grade ten pulled together a lot of different bus conversations on the class blogs:

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