The Fur Trade and the HBC/NWC RIvalry.

A podcast presented to you by the lovely Yilin, Emily, Elle, and Sam.

This post is to share our podcast, so you can all hear and enjoy as you please.

A brief summary goes as follows:

  • Introduction: The hosts (Elle & Emily) will introduce the individual topics that will be covered throughout the show by introducing different questions in which they will share the answers to later in the broadcast.

  • Act I: Sam will talk about the relationship and marriages with the Cree. Elle will then state the importance of the Cree. Yilin will voice an interview. Sam will conclude about why HBC banned cross cultural marriages, and how it went for them.

  • Act II: Yilin will give background information between the two companies (their rivalries etc…) Emily will explain the merging of the two companies.

  • Act III: Yilin will explain the causes for the downfall of the Fur Trade.


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