The Search for Eminence Has Begun – Chelsea

This month, the TALONS classroom has been working like crazy in preparation for the annual Eminent Person project. For this project, students chose a person they think influenced the world and study them. Students are required to do an interview with someone who is an “expert” on their person, write and present a speech, and put together a learning center for Eminent Person Night. On Friday, we all wrote a blog post introducing the person we chose to study. Patti Smith, Sir Richard Branson, Usain Bolt, Marie Curie, and Cleopatra, are some of the people students chose to study this year.

This week, we have been talking about conducting interview. We will be doing a practice interview with adults in the extended learning community this week, where we will ask the question, “As an adult, how and what have you learned related to work, recreation, and parenting?” Some students will be phoning TALONS parents for their interviews, while others will happen over Skype with other adults willing to take the time to do an interview. This practice interview should help us for the interview with an expert on our eminent person.

As a class, we were able to brainstorm some tips to help these practice interviews go as smoothly as possible:

– Go into the interview knowing a little about who it is you’re interviewing

– Break down the question into smaller parts since it is such a broad topic

– Find ways to keep the conversation going

– If you find a topic the interviewee is passionate about, spend more time exploring that subject

Hopefully these interviews will go well, and help us feel more secure when doing our other interview! It will be interesting to see what we will be able to accomplish this year with our Eminent Person projects.

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