This week

This week.


Not fun.

And it’s only Thursday, give me a break.

Because of that and because I’m listening to my music playlist that’s actually named ‘Eclectic Stuff’ and I’m not in the least bit tired, I’m going to blog 100 things  (originally it was 50 but hey, we all need a bit of cheering up, right?) that are still great.

Here goes.

  1. Paper Cranes
  2. Tossing an apple back and forth in your hands
  3. Painting
  4. Listening to music
  5. Particularly this song
  6. Watching your favourite TV shows on TV (so much better than on a computer, right?)
  7. Yelling at friends about your favourite TV shows
  8. Travelling
  9. Even travelling to the next city
  10. Or house
  11. Walking
  12. Driving
  13. Any mode of transportation, really
  14. Teleportation is alright as well
  15. When you wake up after being sick and you aren’t sick anymore
  16. Coming to brilliant conclusions, even if it seems like everyone else already knew it
  17. When you find a place that’s really comfortable and nice
  18. Drinking something warm on a cold day
  19. Drinking something cool on a hot day
  20. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
  21. When your favourite song comes on (via radio or autoplay)
  22. Rain
  23. Sun
  24. When you get into the bath/shower and it’s just the right temperature
  25. Doing something right the first time
  26. Finally succeeding at doing something right after trying a bunch of times
  27. Flowers that smell good
  28. People drawing things for you
  29. Free stuff
  30. Books
  31. Writing
  32. Doing something you’re really proud of
  33. Having people praise you for something you’re really proud of
  34. Really comfortable clothes after a long day of uncomfortable ones
  35. Space heaters on cold days
  36. Campfires
  37. Marshmallows
  38. Going on a mad ‘clean everything’ spree and just sitting down afterwards and enjoying how nice things look
  39. Messing everything up after you’ve cleaned it all
  40. Lego
  41. Really old video games
  42. Really new video games
  43. Staying home and watching horrible movies
  44. Staying home
  45. Eating food after you’ve been really hungry
  46. Chipotle mayonnaise
  47. Blankets
  48. Deja Vu
  49. Nice wallpaper designs
  50. Those books you really love reading that you just re-read over and over and over
  51. Mixing colours on a paint palate
  52. Getting something stuck between your teeth out
  53. Sleeping
  54. Waking up really early to go somewhere and that weird between feeling that you get from not having enough sleep but not caring
  55. Wandering around Ikea
  56. Those really random and pointless topics that you know a lot about [Bonus: when people bring them up as a topic]
  57. Really nice photographs
  58. Really nice paintings
  59. POETRY
  60. *inspired by Christina Zhang* The new car smell
  61. Wandering around cities without a map
  62. That one song that just makes you feel better no matter what [This is mine, by the way]
  63. Buskers with strange instruments
  64. Old stuff [typewriters, fountain pens, keys, everything] [[okay, maybe not everything but you get it]]
  65. Making food that tastes good
  66. Guitars
  67. Movie Soundtracks
  68. Those flashes of inspiration at the same time that you have a total lack of procrastination
  69. Trees
  70. When you notice something interesting that nobody else saw
  71. Space [as in the universe, but open spaces are really cool too]
  72. Hummingbirds
  73. Birds singing in general
  74. ANIMALS WITH STRANGE COLOURS [Have you seen mantis shrimps]
  75. Timbits
  76. When you fix things that are broken
  77. Colouring books
  78. Crayons
  79. Magic illusions
  80. Sushi
  81. Candles
  82. Bowties
  83. Cameras
  84. Paperclips. Just take a moment and contemplate how terrible stuff would be if you didn’t have paperclips
  85. Pencils, too
  87. Playlists of music
  88. Genuinely nice people
  89. Beaches
  90. Singing along to songs
  91. Picnics
  92. *brought to you by Jeff Gao* Puppies
  93. *brought to you by Jeff Gao* Bacon
  94. Bagels
  95. Paint splatters
  96. Clouds
  97. Newspapers
  98. Cinematography
  99. *brought to you by Jeff Gao* Drawing on fogged up windows
  100. This

AAAAAAAAAAAnd done! I realise that I self-projected some of my own things onto this and really, how many people think that cinematography makes the world a better place (me) but oh well.

So let’s try and make it to the end of the week. At least.

– Jess

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  1. Thank you for this. It was a nice reminder and it also made me look back through old files and find a list very similar to this that a group of Talons made almost three years ago. “Humanity is good. Some people are terrible and broken, but humanity is good. I believe that.” – Hank Green.

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