What an Amazing Turn Out -Donya

We, as the TALONS class, thank everyone who did some introspection and tried out our vulnerability survey.

Kelly put the different answers for each question in a word processor program called Wordle.

If you look at the images below, you can see that some words are larger than others. This is not coincidence, Wordle automatically enlarges the words that are used the most in the writing you paste in.

In the TALONS class today, we had a discussion after completing the survey ourselves. We shared some of what made us feel vulnerable or powerful and to my surprise, the students in my class felt the same way about most of the situations.

It’s helpful, because its nice to know that other people have more or less the same outlook on life as you do.

Comment on your interpretation of the Wordles! What do you think was the most common answer?

“What Are You Afraid Of?”

Wordle: What Are You Afraid Of

“What Do You Consider Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?”

Wordle: What Would You Consider Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses

“Are You A Risk Taker?”

Wordle: Are You A Risk Taker

“Are There Situations Where You Are More Likely To Take Risks? Less Likely?

Wordle: Are There Situations Where You Are More Likely To Take Risks Less Likely

“Can You Think of a Time When You Felt Uncomfortable or Awkward?”

Wordle: Can you think of a time when you elt Vulnerable Uncomfortable Or Awkward

“How Did You Deal With That Situation?”

Wordle: How Did You Deal With The Situation In The Last Question




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